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Evaluation of the Application

This service of ours, which we provide for free and with the help of our fully equipped laboratory, can make it easy for you to understand the way that machine vision works.

Industrial Applications

In the industrial sector in general, machine vision is the “tool” that will make the process of production easier, quicker and with a certain outcome!

Quality Approved

Vision Inspection systems of the American company Cognex, provide definite riddance of problems found in every production process.

Cognex’s smart cameras are programmed, through their software, to recognize a number of features with particularity in a wide variety of products.

The technological excellence of visual control systems begins where the capabilities of conventional sensors (like photoelectric, inductive and capacitive sensors, lasers, etc.) ends.

Areas Of Expertise

If you are interested in 100% control over the commodities of your production process as well as 100% control over the flow of materials in your business, then we are the right choice for a complete solution.


Machine Vision

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Barcode Systems

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Application Evaluation

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Printers & Consumables

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We are an innovative and technologically advanced company that takes care of its customers daily, so that they can get informed about new innovations in order to help them evolve.

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