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Cap & Level in Water

  Customer:   Mentekidis S. S.A. - "DIOS"
  Industry:   Water Bottling
  Application:   Cap & Level Inspection


 The following article was published in June 2017 at PlantManager magazine


Robovision, in its 12 years of operation, has won the pinnacle of engineering vision, delivering credible solutions to industrial production. It represents Cognex that is the pioneer in machine vision. The "smart" cameras carry packaging, level, cap, print, label, uniformity and color controls, dimension measurement, robotic arm guidance, character reading, barcode and QR code on any product.

In 2013, the people of S. Mendekidis SA wanting to protect the natural mineral water Zeus came into contact with Robovision and provided a mechanical vision system.

The natural mineral water bottling plant, S. Medekidis SA - "DIOS", fully guarantees the company's commitment to the consumer for excellent quality and hygiene. The plant, an energy class A building, is equipped with state-of-the-art PET bottles and glass bottles. The natural mineral water ΔΙΟΣ, which originates from Olympus, is bottled with the highest safety and hygiene standards.

The purpose of the application is to control one by one each bottle for the correct application of the stopper as well as the proper level of water. The test is carried out on a production line that bottles 32,000 bottles per hour at the point after the cap and before the label is placed. When an error is detected during visual inspection of the bottle, the disposal system automatically turns it off. Shooting cap and level is achieved using Back Light. This special illumination creates a contrasting image to make the control with maximum precision.


The construction of a disposal and automation system was made entirely by Robovision. Thanks to Inocon's flexible support frames, the construction can be adjusted to any line. The cameras have IP67 protection from moisture and dust and the whole system has been adapted to the production line. With the help of a linear guide, the operator can easily accurately vary the height of the system to change from small to large.

The system is completed with an industrial control panel. This is the VisionView900, a 9-inch color touch screen from Cognex. The screen menu is very friendly and customized to the application. From this screen, the operator can select the stored program for the relevant product, adjust the tool parameters, monitor the control statistics, and see the images of the rejected bottles.

The system controls one by one all the products in real time on the production line. Thus, defective products can not go through the next stages and go into the market. The economic benefits of this process are multiple.


In his comment, production director Dimitrios Vassiliadis says that "This system is our best ally for the protection of the natural mineral water DIOS since it controls every day one by one all our products. This test would of course be impossible for employees to do because the speed and volume of production is great. This investment has relieved us of the possibility of economic losses from promoting defective products on the market. I have been completely satisfied over the years by running the system and supporting Robovision".

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