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Date Presence

  Industry:   Water Bottling
  Application:   Date & LOT Presence on 1,5L Water Bottle


The application is intended to check for the existence of an expiration date and a LOT number from a laser printer that scrolls the print on the water bottles. In this application, a Cognex camera of the DVT series and a special backlight luminaire were used to highlight the printing. Also a color touch screen was placed to display and customize the control as well as a waste bin for defective products.

The result was 100% automatic control of production without the slightest intervention by the operator.

Below are pictures of the installation and two images from the camera from a successful test, with and without the control tools. When a small or large portion of the print is missing, the camera turns on the output to automatically empty the bottle from the line.

Bottle Date 01


Vikos 02

We handle the error in any way whatsoever the customer wishes. Either by automatic discharging from the line, by an audible / bright alarm or by stopping the engine. In this case, a plunger from the production line is automatically rejected by the production line without the operator's smallest interference, which is notified to the ten consecutive discharges with an audible / luminous alarm to control the laser printer that may need some adjustment.

Vikos 03

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