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Metal Plate Inspection

  Customer:   Bazigos N. S.A.
  Industry:   Metal Process
  Application:   Metal Plate Pressing Inspection.


 The following article was published on issue 121 in Εργαλειομηχανές magazine


Robovision has recently completed another visual control application in N. Bazigos SA This is the fourth successful collaboration between the two companies. The latter application concerns the control of the lamination in a press.

The press is the Kaiser V16, which is configured to form an aluminum blade for the purpose of producing metal parts. The aim of N. Bajogo is to work the press continuously with 300 hits per minute. However, during the forming process, conditions can be created where the smooth feeding of the sheet can be disrupted, resulting in its folding. Then on the next hit the excess material inside the mold may cause damage. In this case it is necessary to solve the mold to check for any damage and if damage has occurred to be repaired.

It is understood that mold removal and repair is both a time consuming and costly process. Such delays are not desirable by anyone, particularly when the final customer is demanding and has zero delivery delays.


Bazigos MetalPart 3

That's where Robovision with 12 years of experience in mechanical vision has delivered the solution with the installation of the In-Sight 7050 camera that can capture 100 photos per second. With this smart camera and the help of a special luminaire, the folding of the sheet is detected, even when the sheet metal is lifted by one millimeter.

Bazigos MetalPart 3

The start of the test is given by the PLC of the press at 320 degrees of its cycle. After 15 milliseconds corresponding to 27 degrees at maximum speed, the camera responds to the PLC if it encounters an error. This automatically instructs the press to stop to avoid destruction. The project was successfully implemented by the engineers of Robovision Elias Kourakos and Stelios Hadjiemmanouil, in collaboration with Mr. Sotiris Kontogiannis.

The latter is a close associate of both companies and has modernized the press with state-of-the-art automation. On the press automation screen, the operator can see the camera image and see the magnitude of the problem that stopped the press to take the appropriate action.

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