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Roll Thermal Inspection

  Customer:   ATLAS TAPES S.A.
  Industry:   Packaging Material
  Application:   Roll Thermal Inspection


 The following article was published in Allpack (on March-April Issue 2022)


In this application, a thermal camera was installed at the oven outlet through which an adhesive-coated paper surface exits.

IR cameras      Atlas Packaging 02

The camera that makes the inspection is from ISRX series from Automation Technologies. Designed as an all-in-one solution, the IRSX cameras are intelligent, self-contained thermal imaging systems that are consistently designed for industrial use.

During the operation temperature is inspected in 5 different points of the paper surface in real time.

The measurements range from: 40 Co to 150 Co.

The   thermal   camera   communicates   via   Modbus   protocol   with   plc  to   record   the temperatures at the 5 points at specific time intervals we have chosen.


Atlas Packaging 01          Atlas Packaging 03

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