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Packaging Sealing Inspection

  Customer:   BARILLA HELLAS S.A.
  Industry:   Food
  Application:   Packaging Sealing Inspection


The technical management of the Greek factory was asked to check the presence of pasta crumbs in the welding area of ​​the plastic packages. During production, there was a possibility that the cutting-sealing film of the packaging would trap pasta which is present in the cutting area during sealing. In case of error, the package is discarded via a pneumatic piston.

The camera that checks is the Cognex In-Sight 7000 series. The pasta packages are moved on a conveyor belt, the camera is signaled, photographed and if an error is found they are automatically discarded from the production line. The operator supervises the control on the Cognex VisionView screen. There the control is displayed live and statistics are displayed. It is possible to save error images, the operator to change the control program for different products, and even to configure the control (if necessary).



Barilla Sealing 01   Barilla Sealing 02   Barilla Rejection

The images below are taken from real samples at the time of production. The bugs are created by pasta crumbs trapped in the welding area. All the following packages are considered discarded:

Barilla Fail  Barilla Fail2  Barilla Fail3  Barilla Fail4

Instead, the images below are downloads of acceptable packaging. Some show marks in the welding area due to print mark. All are considered recipients by the customer and are not rejected. The system has been adjusted to prevent unintentional discharges.

Barilla Pass  Barilla Pass2  Barilla Pass3  Barilla Pass4

After the successful installation, other identical systems were installed which ensure 100% the correct sealing of the products.

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