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Cap Inspection

  Customer:   Technoplastiki S.A.
  Industry:   Plastics / Packaging
  Application:   Cap Inspection


In this project, the customer requested that the lids be checked for completeness because he was experiencing a large percentage of errors during production. One check was for the correct cut around the perimeter to create safety and a second for excess or missing material at the edge of the lid.

After tests in our laboratory, the application was implemented with 4 cameras around the Cognex DVT series with special led luminaires for mechanical vision applications. Below you will find photos of the installation. There is a vibrating machine which feeds the operator with lids. The vibrator rotates the lids downwards and feeds a conveyor belt through which the lids pass one by one in front of the cameras. In case the lid is defective it is automatically discarded with a blower from the line inside a carton. In another carton, those who pass the test are collected.

The system has been installed since 2008 and since then has been operating successfully ensuring that the final product is produced to the required specifications.


Technoplastiki Installation  Technoplastiki Installation2  Technoplastiki Installation3

The images below are taken from real samples at the time of production. Errors are created by errors during the production process.

Technoplastiki 01 Pass   Technoplastiki 01 Fail  Technoplastiki 01 Fail 2

The following images are from a different cap color.

Technoplastiki 02 Pass  Technoplastiki 02 Fail


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