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Robovision was established in April 2004 to provide high-quality industrial automation services. Our business scope concerns the following key areas:

1machine vision          Barcode 180x180    

     Inocon 180x180     

      Zebra 180x180           Labels & Ribbons 180x180
Machine Vision Barcode Systems Inocon Tube Connection Systems Thermal Printers Labels & Ribbons

If you are interested in 100% control over the commodities of your production process as well as 100% control over the flow of materials in your business, then we are the right choice for a complete solution.quote3

Solve the problem of product control during production

Robovision GuyThe visual inspection systems of the American company Cognex, provide definite riddance of problems found in every production process.

Cognex's smart cameras through their software are programmed to recognize in detail a number of features in a variety of products.

When the characteristics of a product are visually recognizable then "Mechanical Vision" or "Machine Vision" systems can check, measure and read them. If one of those characteristics is not within the desired limits, which have been previously set, then the visual system takes action. After the automatic detection of the problem, the system immediately orders the product’s rejection, activates visual and audio alarm, stops the machine and sends the photo of the problematic material within an e-mail. At the same time, live images and data regarding the production are being projected on any computer connected through the company’s network, such as the aggregation of pieces being manufactured and the number of problematic products per category. All this happens in real time measurements for each of the thousands of products generated every hour on a line tirelessly, uninterruptedly and with the certainty of 100% control over the production procedure and outcome...

Vision systems are applicable to all industries. They start by verifying the existence, folding, correct positioning and reading (Barcode, Matrix, OCR like expiration date) of a label on the packaging, and proceed to the measurement of geometric features, checking of the completeness, assembling and color matching, the lid’s proper sealing of a bottle-like container and the correct level of its content, robotic guidance for welding, pick and place and other countless applications.

The technological excellence of machine vision systems begins where the capabilities of conventional sensors (like photoelectric, inductive and capacitive sensors, lasers, etc.) ends.

Even if there is a solution with the use of a set of conventional sensors, it is complex and time-consuming and does not allow fast adjustments to the controls for them to adapt to the needs of different products, or the ease with which the customization or even creation of a new program is made possible and its storage on a Cognex sensor is unprecedented. The enunciation of these stored programs when it is time to switch products can simply be achieved with the touch of a button.

As a result, the customer’s complains, demands for refunds because of faulty products, repackaging or waste of time and materials are eliminated. The early warning that "something is not right" in the production line comes from the first problematic product and not after a whole pallet has been made or because of a customer's complaint.

Learn how machine vision helps you to improve quality and at the same time minimize the production cost by clicking here.quote3

Click on the following Cognex logo and visit Cognex web site in order to be informed of all new products of the world leading company in machine vision systems.



Any Cognex product you are interested in and need: information, technical brochures, manuals or even emulation software to test application in your own projects, contact us either on the contact phones or on the contact form from the contact menu.

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We are an innovative and technologically advanced company that takes care of its customers daily, so that they can get informed about new innovations in order to help them evolve.

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