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1st Kifisias & Agiou Rafail str, 56532 Polichni, Thessaloniki

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Photoneo 3D Technology

Photoneo Bin Picking



Our vision is to give robots human-like eyes.quote3

Photoneo’s product portfolio is based on many years experience with 2D and 3D vision systems. Our deep scientific research was transformed into unique technology and products. If you are interested in how our technology works you can find more on our Technology page.

3D Vision

Our fast 3D scanners with industry best sensors make machines see the real world in 3 Mpx resolution, ideal for object manipulation or quality inspection.

Object Recognition

Our advanced algorithms for 3D object recognition help you solve all kinds of bin picking and object handling problems, find exact object position in 3D scene and avoid collisions.

Manipulation & Automation

We utilize the power of high quality 3D scanners in combination with advanced algorithms to create robust applications for flexible automation.

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We are an innovative and technologically advanced company that takes care of its customers daily, so that they can get informed about new innovations in order to help them evolve.

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1st Kifisias & Agiou Rafail str, 56532 Polichni, Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310 672436


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