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Fixed-Mount Reader

Vision View 900


VisionView 900 is a colored 9" touch screen ideal for visualization and parameterization of In-Sight vision systems and DataMan fixed-mount readers. The use of a PC is not necessary. VisionView provides the ability to enter operators of different acess levels. Finally, it allows operators to track statistics and store image-programs using an external USB.


Dataman 50 / 60

DM50 DM60

The unprecedented small-sized DataMan 50/60 series is ideal for replacement in single laser beam or raster reader applications. It provides incomparable 1D & 2D code readings, improved performance statistics, and a robust design with no detachable parts that need replacement. The DataMan 50/60 series is superior to laser readers from all points of view.

Models & Specs

Dataman 70


The new DataMan 70 reader series, provides reliable 1D & 2D code reading, statistics display, comes in a small size so it can be placed in spots with very limited space, and integrated, controlled 4 LED lighting. It is also equipped with the latest Cognex 1DMax® algorithms with Hotbars and IDQuick to read 1D even the very damaged codes.

Models & Specs

Dataman 150 / 260


DataMan 150/260 series is a fully-equipped set of fixed-position readers ideal for high-density 1D, 2D & DPM (directly part marked) code reading. It combines unprecedented performances and offers Ethernet, USB, RS232, embedded lighting, variable focus lenses and all in a small industrial construction.

Models & Specs

Dataman 280


DataMan 280 series readers offer fast decoding, easy setup & valuable Industry 4.0 features, like web browser connectivity & performance monitoring. DataMan 280 was engineered to better track & trace items throughout manufacturing & logistics supply chains solving a broad range of tough 1D, 2D & DPM code applications.

Models & Specs

Dataman 300 / 360


DataMan 300/360 series offers built-in lighting and lens flexibility. It is also equipped with smart customization and automatically adjusts optimal lighting and variable focus settings (an optional feature). Finally, Cognex's powerful algorithms provide the highest reading rates at the fastest pace there is.

Models & Specs

Dataman 370


DataMan 370 series by tapping on the same and improved "recipe" of DM360, makes the difference. With the newer CMOS sensors, images take up to 16 times more detailed and maximum contrast resulting in a better focal depth. This technology known as HDR comes and takes off already high rates and speed of production readings.

Models & Specs

Dataman 470


DataMan 470 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve complex, high-throughput manufacturing and logistics applications with ease. DataMan 470's multi-core processing power, imaging technology, high-resolution sensor, advanced decoding algorithms, and simple setup delivers maximum coverage, speed, and ease-of-use.

Models & Specs

Dataman 500


The DataMan 500 is a revolutionary series of readers developed by Cognex VSoC ™, an all-in-one mechanical vision technology. The flexibility of lamps, lenses (including variable focus lenses) & fast auto-brightness allows the series to read codes so well that it does not need to be ideally placed to achieve high reading rates.


Dataman 503


With the highest read rates in the industry, performance feedback, and no moving parts, the DataMan 503 is suited for the most challenging barcode reading applications and will change the industry's perception of what can be accomplished with a barcode reader.

Models & Specs

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