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Handheld Readers

Cognex offers the widest range of portable high-performance barcode readers. The portable industrial DataMan® barcode readers provide unrivaled performance for Direct Part Marks (DPM) and label reading applications, where durability and the ability to swiftly read even the most challenging DPMs are essential for your success. All portable industrial DataMan readers have interchangeable ways of communication and are compatible with industrial protocols.

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DataMan 8000

DataMan 8500

DataMan 8000 series offers the most advanced technology for 1D & 2D code reading in the industrial world, including the most challenging DPM codes, regardless of size, quality or printing method. It was the first series of industrial handheld readers that combine Industrial Ethernet communication, variable focusing liquid lens technology and modular design.


  • 2DMax+™ algorithm for faster 2D reading
  • 1DMax+™ with Hotbars™ for faster 1D reading
  • Wired & wireless communication
  • Integrated liquid lens technology for maximum flexibility and focal depth
  • Communication protocol: RS-232 / USB, Industrial Ethernet and wireless
  • Robust ergonomic design for all the demanding stages of production
  • DataMan 8500 features UltraLight®, a patented lighting algorithm (bright field, dark field and diffuse lighting), suitable for every material and surface
  • DataMan Setup Tool for easy customization and evaluation of the application

DataMan 8050

Dataman 8050 2

DataMan 8050 series is equipped with Cognex’s world-class algorithms and is designed to withstand difficult conditions at factories. The best algorithms of this class decode DPM and tag codes quickly and easily. The modular design ensures that the DataMan 8050 readers will be ready to respond to the ever-changing communication needs.


  • The best-in-class 2D code reader algorithms for DPM & label applications
  • 1DMax+™ with Hotbars ™ for faster 1-D bar code reading
  • Wired USB or RS-232 communication
  • LED indicator light for aiming
  • Durable ergonomic design for demanding environments at all stages of the production process
  • Built-in LED illumination
  • DataMan Setup Tool software for easy initial configuration and application evaluation

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