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Just as computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. Therefore, as expected, they also play a crucial role in Machine Vision systems.quote3

Emdoor founded in 2002, is a designer and manufacturer of rugged handhelds, tablets, notebooks, PCs and vehicle mount computers, as well as a provider of customized hardware and software solutions.

Emdoor is one of China's largest and most experienced providers of rugged computing systems and serves as ODM and OEM partner to many Tier One companies.

Emdoor excels at providing efficient industrial solutions in warehouse logistics, industrial automation, health care, petroleum exploration, outdoor mapping, automotive inspection, road enforcement, education, border patrol, retail services, self-service terminals, Machine Vision, smart home, intelligent transportation and more.

For more information about its products you can visit the company's website by clicking on the following logo:

Emdoor Logo

Indicatively below you will find some of its products:

Rugged Notebooks


The rugged notebook of the Windows 10 system has a continuous update function to ensure that the operating system is always maintained at the latest version. With the most application compatibility, Windows 10 is compatible with most software on the market and is 99% compatible with the applications used in Windows 7 in the past.

Our rugged notebooks are available in various versions of Windows 10 Home/Pro/IoT/Enterprise/S mode, which can meet the needs of all industries.

Rugged Tablets


Emdoor Rugged Tablets have a comprehensive size, covering from 7 to 12-inch and supports the different systems, like Android, Windows or Linux to meet customer's differentiated requests.

Abundant accessories, facing various accessories.

Complete communication network support, adapt to wireless situation. Larger screen, carrier equipment for industrial informatization. and replaceble battery, longer battery life.

Mainly used in automobile inspection, vehicle, intelligent chemical factory and other industries.

Rugged Handhelds


The screen size of Emdoort Rugged Handhelds covers 4, 5 and 6 inches, which is convenient to carry, supports both Android and Windows 10 systems, which has strong industry application software compatibility.

Full-featured, supports 1D or 2D code barcode scanning, RFID, NFC, GPS/BD Positioning and other functions.

Abundant accessories, easy to use, born for the application of the IOT industry.

Mainly used in express delivery, logistics and warehousing industries.

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We are an innovative and technologically advanced company that takes care of its customers daily, so that they can get informed about new innovations in order to help them evolve.

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