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Labels & Ribbons

Ribbon Quality

Our labels and ribbons are very high quality and ideal for any storage conditions. From deep freeze to sunny locations, your labels will not go out. The quality of consumables plays a key role in the life of your head and your printer. Invest in quality materials and forget about regular repairs / maintenance.

Contact us and request a quote. We will help you choose the dimension and material that best suits your needs. Dimensions that are often worked are always in stock in our warehouse for quicker service.quote3

See below in more detail the different qualities in thermal transfer ink ribbons.

Wax Ribbons

Ribbon 1

 Print Method:
Flat Head / Near Edge

This type of ribbon was developed specifically for the printing of sharply contoured barcodes, text and images. Wax thermal transfer ribbon can be used on a variety of surfaces from paper to foil and have an acceptable level of smudge-resistance.


Wax-Resin Ribbons

Ribbon 2

 Print Method:
Flat Head / Near Edge

For the printing of high-resolution barcodes, text and graphics, wax-Resin thermal transfer ribbon has been developed. This type of ribbon is used wherever highly dissolvable print and high speed printing is demanded and can be used on a range of surfaces from paper to foil.


Resin Ribbons

Ribbon 3

 Print Method:
Flat Head / Near Edge

Resin thermal transfer ribbon was developed for the printing of smudge and scratch resistant nameplates and is deployed wherever these requirements are necessary. This type of ribbon is also partly heat resesistant to approx. 250°C.


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